About Us

Equine Oil Supplies is a product line owned by a family business, called Multifry Limited. With over 40 years experience in the vegetable oil industry, it's safe to say we know our oils!
In recent years we have had multiple enquiries for oils including Soya Oil and Linseed Oil from horse owners, explaining that our prices were much more affordable than those available on the equine market. This interaction gave us the push to make our products more readily available to horse owners across the country. 
So here we are! After creating a product range of the most desired vegetable oils for use within feed, we set competitive prices that have been extremely well received by the equine community. We aim to make oils an affordable option for all horse owners, bringing the many benefits that oils can bring to a wider audience. 
Since then, Danny Sims, the sales and marketing executive behind Equine Oil Supplies has been travelling the country, marketing our products at Equestrian Shows, Markets and other events. All of this despite an allergy to horses!
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