Covid 19 Update

So far, Covid 19 has had little effect on our business, other than to visitors and to our employees. We are still working hard to keep up with orders, estimated delivery dates and a special customer requirements.

We thank you all for your support during this unprecedented time.

Stay safe all!


After using Linseed oil, two of my friends on separate occasions have commented on how shiny and healthy his coat looks, despite being stuck in a switch itch rug permanently.

Joanne Handsaker

Since introducing your Soya Oil into his diet, we have found that energy levels have improved, as well as a noticeable increase in his stamina and overall health.

Tracy Jackson

Cod Liver Oil Pure has had a really positive effect on his joint health. This allowed him to recover to full strength and has increased his confidence and suppleness when working.

Carolyn Dixon

Quality Oils, Affordable Prices

We aim to make vegetable oils an affordable option for every equine diet. Our competitively priced product range is now available to horse owners nationwide.

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