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Soya Oil

Soya Oil

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About the Oil:

Soya Oil is an excellent for:

  • Improving stamina and energy levels as Soya Oil acts as a slow releasing energy source.
  • Weight gain, when used in higher quantities.
  • Increasing the level of omega 6 fatty acids within the diet. Omega 6 is essential for overall growth and development.
  • Maintaining a healthy and glossy coat.

Feeding guidelines:

Mix 30-150ml into feed daily for a 200-400kg horse. (Gradually increase to higher servings)
Mix 60-300ml into feed daily for a 400+kg horse. (Gradually increase to higher servings)



“Since introducing your Soya Oil into his diet, we have found that energy levels have improved, as well as a noticeable increase in his stamina and overall health.”

        Tracy, Hull

"I am really pleased with the soya oil. My horse has no problem with the addition of it to his feed and his coat is really shiny. In fact two of my friends on separate occasions have commented on how shiny and healthy his coat looks, despite being stuck in a switch itch rug permanently. I would definitely recommend the product and I will continue to use it for my horse."

        Joanne, Birmingham



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