Wheatgerm Oil
Wheatgerm Oil

Wheatgerm Oil

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About The Oil

The benefits of adding wheatgerm to daily feed include:

  • To counter a defficiency of Vitamin E, as wheatgerm oil contains high levels of vitamin E which aid immune function, muscle growth and overall development.
  • Fantastic source of slow releasing energy.
  • Complimenting a health and balanced diet for your horse or pony.

Feeding Guidelines:
Mix 30-60ml into feed daily for a 200-400kg horse. 
Mix 60-100ml into feed daily for a 400+kg horse. 

Our Wheatgerm oil consists of a blend of unrefined wheatgerm oil and soya oil, which we believe produces the best results as a feed supplement.



£2.95 for 5 litres 

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